I am Rekha Nahata – a mother, wife, daughter and a friend who is passionate about cooking.

The biggest job in the world is not only to feed your family the best ingredients prepared in a healthy way but also to please the world’s biggest critics your child and your husband…..so here I am today with my venture ontheflame.com and bring you a collection of my tried and tested recipes that are  delicious and easy to prepare.

I was born and bought up in India to a Jain religion family. Being Jain, always followed strict vegetarian diet. As growing up I always watched my mom and elder sister cooking all these vegetarian delicacies. Me and my brother simply used to relish the yum food. I never thought I will be so passionate about cooking, it feels so much like a dream. My journey is quite an interesting one…while growing up I just learned basic cooking but I always loved chopping, arranging food and playing with colors and texture of food.

Then got married and to my surprise got a life partner who is a big…big food fan. So my food journey starts from here, I started exploring, learned a lot from my MIL, who happens to be one of the best in cooking. Everyone really encouraged me, taught me, liked and praised my cooking. And that’s how even without realizing cooking became part of my life.

A decade back I moved to US and my life changed totally. New place, new people, so much to explore…it was fun. Hundreds of cuisine…thousand of recipes…different culture…different food…I started exploring. I was aspired to feed my family and friends the best. With that passion and with my husband’s support I dreamed of something and here toady I share with you all- ontheflame.com

My step by step instruction guide will help you understand not only the procedure but also make cooking not a task anymore! My each and every recipe is tried, tasted and made with a bundle of love. I love to create variation, change as per my family and friends taste preferences, try something unique and new.

This journey would have never been possible without blessing and support of my family and friends. I am super fortunate to have a supporting husband, two little bundle of joys, my in-laws and my parents. Do join me & ride along with my food journey. I would really appreciate your love and support.

Lastly, don’t forget to have some fun while you prepare these delectable recipes for the most important people in your life….your family and friends!