Homemade Khoya/Dried Evaporated Milk solids


Khoya/Khoa/Mawa is dried evaporated milk solids. This recipe shares the traditional way to make Khoya. To make Khoya the milk is slowly simmered is large heavy bottom Iron Kadai till all the moisture is evaporated from the milk. The density and texture of Khoya depend upon its use ranging from hard to soft to granule texture.

Khoya form a base for many Indian sweets and also used making rich creamy Indian curries like Navratan Korma, Mughlai Kofta and so on. Do give this homemade, from the scratch recipe a try. I am sure you will never want to get the store one again.

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Homemade Khoya/Dried Evaporated Milk solids


  1. In a heavy bottom pan Or Kadai, pour the milk and bring to gentle boil on low-medium heat. Once the milk is boiled, lower the heat and let the milk to simmer, string occasionally.

  2. The milk will froth many times and layer of Malai (cream) will start forming on the top of the milk. Scrape the milk solid from the sides and bottom of the pan and add back to the milk.

  3. Keep shimmering, stirring, collecting the cream and scraping till the milk reduced to grainy texture and thickened. Stir milk in intervals helps to avoid the burning and getting browned from the bottom.

  4. Continue to cook until you see bubble bursting in the reduced milk, at this point you need to stir and scrape continuously. When you see no more bubble bursting in the reduced milk, it’s time to switch off the flame.


  5. Using spatula scrape the milk solid from the side and transfer the Khoya into bowl. Let it cool at room temperature. Khoya thickens as its cool down. Use as required to make varieties of Indian Sweets or refrigerate it covered for later use.


  • String of milk in intervals helps to avoid the burning and getting browned from the bottom.
  • If you don’t have heavy bottom iron Kadai, Recommended to use heavy bottom large nonstick pan.
  • Cooking time may vary with shape and size of the pan and quantity you making.

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