Sprout Moong & Pineapple Salad

A very quick and refreshing salad recipe for this heated summer.

This perfectly refreshing Pineapple-Cucumber-Sprout moong salad is super easy to make and simply delicious!!!The sweetness of pineapple, balanced by tanginess of lime, crunchiness of sprout moong and refreshing cucumber. So, when you crave something fresh this summer, give a try and enjoy this flavorful salad.

I have added very basic spices (cumin powder, red chili powder and salt) easily available in pantry. For variation you can use chaat masala, black pepper powder etc. This recipe can be prepared a day ahead. Taste really good when served chilled and serve a perfect side dish for potluck or get together during summer season. Click here for Salads recipes.

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Sprout Moong & Pineapple Salad

Difficulty: Beginner Prep Time 5 min Rest Time 15 min Total Time 20 mins Servings: 2 Best Season: Summer


This perfectly refreshing Pineapple-Cucumber-Sprout moong salad is super easy to make and simply delicious.



  1. Chop cucumber, pineapple and coriander. 

  2. Add chopped ingredients in a mixing bowl along with sprout moong.

  3. Season with red chili powder, roasted cumin powder and salt. Give it a mix. 

  4. Add lemon juice as per your taste. Combine all ingredients and toss lightly to distribute the lime juice evenly. Refrigerate for 15-20 minutes before serving or keep chilled until ready to serve.

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